Geekend Links: Coffee and other drugs


If you want to know, what’s in your cup, check out that beautiful infographic about Tea Vs. Coffee the guys over at Submit Infographics have put together (via Lifehacker). Looks like my daily drugs right now, the great Sencha Green Tea from Lebensbaum and the Isis Green Tea with Peppermint, are a healthy choice after all.

If you want to know more, there is a Coffee, Tea and Cocoa exhibition in the Hannover Historical Museum ‘til May 8th 2011. You can also find quite some detailed information on how to brew the perfect espresso on episode 119 of Chaosradio Express (German). But be careful, getting the perfect coffee can be tricky, as CollegeHumor shows us:

Other links, that might float your boat and save the weekend:

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