I know …

… it’s been a while.

Ever since I started writing professionally, blogging hasn’t been — let’s say — exactly my first priority. Especially the tech/tablet pc part has become obsolete: everything I want to write about tech, I now do over at my work place. And since that Twitter and Facebook thing has become big, I talk about all the other stuff there. I think many other blogs have suffered from that blogging fatigue. But somehow now I feel like blogging again. But I will change a couple of things.

1) English. I always wanted to blog in English to include all my English readers that have been using Babelfish and other translation programs in the past to read my blog. It sucks, I know.

2) No more ink. At least for now. I love handwriting and I’ve tried making blogging in ink as comfortable as possible. But it still is way too much work, and I still need my tablet pc around to do it. As soon as I find an easy solution for ink blogging, I probably will go back.

3) Less tech. If you want to read my thoughts about tech, check out heise.de/mobil
I will however still write about tech and especially about tablets whenever I feel it fits in this blog…

Anyway, hope you still enjoy it 🙂


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