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Geekend Links: Coffee and other drugs

If you want to know, what’s in your cup, check out that beautiful infographic about Tea Vs. Coffee the guys over at Submit Infographics have put together (via Lifehacker). Looks like my daily drugs right now, the great Sencha Green … Weiterlesen

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Smash the ball …

After my first volleyball training in six years, I feel muscles I never knew I had. And climbing the stairs is killing me right now. But it was worth it, I very much forgot that it’s the best team sport … Weiterlesen

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When Harry Met Sally 2

As you all know, When Harry Met Sally is the best romance film ever. Well, finally Billy Chrystal and Rob Reiner came up with a – let’s say a little modernised and twisted – sequel and put it on Funny … Weiterlesen

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I want this Pillow Mace …

Seriously. (Foto: Matthew Borgatti) Matthew Borgatti put this together for a pillow fight flash mob in New York. On that note: Pillow fight flash mobs are the only flash mobs that make sense to me. (via Make)

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Cairo is loud, in many corners dirty, confusing, unsettled, turbulent, full of cars and full of people. Great! I really gotta say that Cairo was very different from what I expected. In many ways the city was more strange to … Weiterlesen

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I'm only happy when it rains …

… not really. But in spring it means two hours of no pollen in the air which means for two hours no sneezing and no running nose which means for two hours I look like a regular human being. Which … Weiterlesen

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